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Chemical elements which make up mobile phones placed on ‘endangered list’

Scientists from the University have developed a unique periodic table which highlights the scarcity of elements used in everyday devices.

22 January 2019Research

New technology could revolutionise smartphone use

Mobiles able to identify different materials

4 September 2017Research

New technology using radar can identify materials and objects in real time

System could be used to improve interaction with digital devices

7 October 2016University news

New methods make smartwatches easier to use

St Andrews researchers create twist, and pan techniques

12 August 2016Research

St Andrews conference to generate £1m for local economy

Major technology events hosted by University for first time

3 October 2013Business

The elderly to help researchers tackle ‘Big Brother’ fears

Funding for new research into technology to help people live and age well.

28 January 2011Research

Seeing is believing at Science Week

University students and staff will welcome visitors to an interactive festival from 8th-15th March.

4 March 2008University news