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Ancient volcanoes reveal Earth’s recycled crust

Ancient volcanoes could provide new insights into how the Earth’s surface is recycled, according to St Andrews scientists.

16 September 2019Research

Mystery of rare volcanoes on Venus

Play-doh planet too hot for volcanic activity

30 May 2017Research

The basic building blocks of life to be rethought after one discovered to be missing

Single cell organisms found near volcanoes have different make-up.

11 June 2012Research

Volcanic bug aids ‘Children of the Moon’

Ancient protein will help understanding of rare genetic disease.

30 May 2008Research

Physicists aim to predict volcano eruption

Scientists awarded grant to create on-site life-saving device to help predict volcano eruption.

29 August 2007Research

Volcanic bug yields cancer clue

CAPTION: Archaea are microbes found in extreme conditions such as hot volcanic pools (above). CREDIT: Malcolm White.

14 September 2006Research

‘Future Vision’ roadshow funded

Technology which could see through terrorists' clothing, spot a volcano on the verge of eruption or see wounds under bandages is to be showcased as part of a new initiative that will be rolled out across the UK.

19 July 2006Public interest stories

Scots role in hazardous volcano warning

CAPTION: The increasingly dangerous volcano in Montserrat is to be further investigated.

24 March 2006Research

The mobile element found in volcanoes

CAPTION: Jamie pictured during a recent field trip to the Motzfeldt area of southern Greenland.

23 March 2006Research

Volcanoes and virtues in ancient Greece

St Andrews will this week play host to public talks on two very different aspects of Greek and Roman culture: erupting volcanoes and virtues in Greek tragedy.

3 November 2003Research