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Monday 2 April 2012

Science at the University of St Andrews is being showcased at a special event in Edinburgh as part of the Royal Society’s prestigious annual international summer science exhibition.

The University’s research features in THREE out of the seven projects highlighted at the ‘meet the minds’ style event billed as ‘seven of Scotland’s most exciting scientific advances’. The event, which opened yesterday (Sunday 1 April) at the Dynamic Earth, is open until Wednesday.

Ulf Leonhardt (Physics and Astronomy) will present his research at the Invisibility Science Geometry and Light section, Bill Austin (Geography & Geosciences) will discuss Arctica Islandica: The Longest Lived Animal on Earth and Andy Whiten (Psychology) and Kevin Laland (Biology) will be available to talk about their work at the Culture Evolves exhibit.

The event takes place 12-5pm Sunday 1 April and 10am-5pm Monday 2 to Wednesday 4 April at Our Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh. For further information visit:


For further information contact Professor Andrew Whiten on 0781 736 8637.

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