Can Do in the community

Monday 19 October 2020

University of St Andrews students rolled up their sleeves to support the local community in a host of public-spirited projects as part of Community Action Day this week (Monday 19 October).

The action day is part of the newly-launched St Andrews Can Do initiative which aims to support the local community and develop Covid-safe activities for students.

During the current period of Covid restrictions, the University wants to help students reimagine, experiment with, and contribute to the unique St Andrews student experience.

The Can Do spirit is about recognising community as an important way of learning, and finding ways to share experiences and for students to spend time together safely.

Students’ Association President Dan Marshall said: “Community Action Day is a great public statement of intent, proving what we already know, that students can and do have a fantastic positive impact in the communities that they are a part of.

“The Can Do initiative has already captured the imagination of many of our student clubs and societies and has given them the resources and opportunities to make things happen.

“It’s been great to see the creativity and enthusiasm they promise to bring to our collective experience of this unforgettable year.”

Students in hi-vis vests picking up litter around a monument
Pictured (left to right) are Alessandra Marchi, Dan Marshall, Julia Ashley and David Angus (Clean and Green Team)

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