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Monday 4 July 2005

What role do visuals play in our understanding of television news, and how do the blind use imagery to recall events?

Experts in memory and problem solving gathered for a major international conference at the University of St Andrews last week to discuss these issues.

The European Workshop on Imagery and Cognition (EWIC) heard from a host of world-renowned experts on subjects ranging from false memory to the role of visuals in our understanding of television news. Experts also discussed the normal psychological and neurological processes we use to remember what we see as well as the intriguing problem of cases where a person’s ability to use imagery disappears. The workshop heard from keynote speakers including Giacomo Rizzolatti (Parma), Jim Haxby (Princeton) and Graham Hitch (York).

Conference Chairman Dr Gerry Quinn from the University of St Andrews School of Psychology said, “This prestigious series of conferences, each organised by a major research institute, has been running for several years and has increased collaboration among scientists from different countries working in this area. It is a testimony to psychology at St Andrews that the School here was asked two years ago to organise this years meeting”.


For more information, please contact Dr Quinn – telephone 01334 462068.

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