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Wednesday 11 April 2018

Srdja Popovic on a scooter surrounded by students

Srdja Popovic takes part in the traditional ‘student drag’ ahead of his formal installation as the 53rd Rector of the University of St Andrews.

Students joined the new Rector on a day-long tour of student halls and local hostelries in a day of celebration which included a procession through the town.

Srdja Popovic was appointed Rector in November 2017 for an initial three-year term. He is the Founder and Executive Director of the Center for Applied Nonviolent Actions and Strategies (CANVAS), a non-profit organisation based in Belgrade, Serbia, that aims to teach the use of nonviolence to make a change.

Mr Popovic said: “I am proud and honoured to serve as a Rector – a voice and empowerment of students of St Andrews. I am ready to commit my term to listening to the students and turning their initiatives into concrete action. The position of the Rector belongs to the students, and it will be my goal to empower students to use it in their best interest!”

Since 1858, the Rector has been elected by the students. Srdja follows in the footsteps of a long list of illustrious former Rectors, including authors J M Barrie and Rudyard Kipling, Monty Python founding member John Cleese and Catherine Stihler MEP. In addition to being President of the University Court, the highest governing body of the University, the Rector also plays an informal, pastoral role for students.

The student ‘drag’ is held in the days prior to the Rector’s Installation which takes place on Friday 13 April.

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More information about the role of the Rector

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Photographs from the student ‘drag’ are available via Dropbox.

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