Major donation boosts St Andrews terrorism research

Thursday 7 March 2013

The Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence (CSTPV) at the University of St Andrews, Scotland, is to expand its work as the result of a generous donation from the Worldwide Support for Development (WSD), chaired by Japanese philanthropist Dr Haruhisa Handa.

The St Andrews CSTPV is Europe’s oldest centre for the study of terrorism and for almost 20 years has led a programme of rigorous, evidence based analysis of terrorism and other forms of political violence. It is based in the University’s School of International Relations.

The St Andrews Centre will take the name of its major benefactor to become The Handa Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence. The donation is a further boost to a £100 million philanthropic fundraising campaign, launched by the University to mark its 600th anniversary in 2013.

Dr Handa is a prominent international business leader and philanthropist who through his various organisations supports a wide range of global educational, humanitarian and artistic projects.

This gift will enable the HCSTPV to offer new bursaries and studentships to attract the brightest minds in the subject to study and research in Scotland.

The Centre also plans to stage major symposia in Scotland, attended by the world’s leading scholars in terrorism and political violence.

Professor Louise Richardson, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of St Andrews, said:

“This is a generous and far-sighted gift from WSD and Dr Handa which will expand the work of the HCSTPV and help us continue to bring the brightest students and scholars to St Andrews, regardless of economic circumstance.

“Terrorism is a complex and fast evolving phenomenon which affects lives all over the world. It has never been more important to invest in the highest quality of research in order to understand and counter the threat and enhance human security.

“Dr Handa’s contribution ensures that St Andrews and Scotland will continue to be pre-eminent in this critical field of research.”

Professor Richard English, Director of the Handa CSTPV, said:

“This generous donation from Dr Handa will enable HCSTPV to expand even further its original research and teaching. It will provide funding for outstanding students in the field to study at the University, and will ensure ever-stronger links with other leading Centres of world-class research internationally. It is a wonderful contribution to the life of the University, and will make a huge difference to the capacity of the Centre as it continues its research and teaching work.’

About the Handa Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence

The Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence (CSTPV), established in 1994, is an independent academic research centre within the School of International Relations of the University of St Andrews.

Now known as the Handa Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence, it is dedicated to the study of the determinants, manifestations and consequences of terrorism and other forms of political violence. The Handa Centre also investigates the responses of states, civil society and international organisations to violent modes of conflict.

The Centre has 23 permanent and honorary academic research staff and 17 current PhD students.

The Centre is committed to rigorous, evidence-based scientific analysis that is policy-relevant but not supporting any particular partisan policy.

The Handa CSTPV seeks to provide, within its area of expertise, high-quality education to students at the University of St Andrews and, beyond that, through its training sessions, conferences and its e-learning programme, to a wider public. In their teaching, staff seek to familiarise students with the latest research findings, ensure that they acquire a sound basis in scientific methodology, and foster critical thinking.

The Handa CSTPV’s research and teaching are grounded in a belief in public service, global responsibility and the desire to contribute to the enhancement of human security.

About Worldwide Support for Development (WSD)

Worldwide support for Development (WSD) is a not for profit organisation that supports academic, educational and various philanthropic projects around the world. It aims to provide relief for people in difficult economic and social circumstances and improve the educational environment. Through these activities WSD aims to support the creation of a safe society where the people of the world are all equal and live a fulfilled life.


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