Mediaeval music weekend

Friday 17 February 2012

This weekend the University of St Andrews is offering the chance to explore the town’s musical and cultural roots. As part of its 600th anniversary programme of events the University is hosting a Mediaeval Music Weekend, summoning the sounds of Mediaeval St Andrews and exploring the art, architecture and culture that infused them. All are invited to join in the programme of performances, lectures and workshops.

On Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 February 2012, internationally renowned experts and musicologists will gather in the town, to help bring the music of history back to life. There will be chanting, harps, and organs and a live performance by Canty, Scotland’s only professional Medieval music group.

This is the music would have been played in St Andrews Cathedral before it crumbled into silence, and in the University Chapel before the reformation.

University Organist and Director of Chapel Music Tom Wilkinson said:

“In its early days, the University of St Andrews was one of the great European centres of Scholarship, just as it is today. Some of the first students of the University were choral scholars; to reflect this, the weekend will focus particularly on music. The thirteenth century Scottish Ladymass, to be performed by Canty at 1.15pm on Saturday 18 February, will be the first complete performance in modern times of music that originated in St Andrews and influenced the course of music history.

“Another event not to be missed is the concert by Cappella Nova at 8pm on Saturday 18 February, which includes sections of the ‘Mass for Three Voices’ by Robert Carver, Scotland’s finest sixteenth century composer.”

Admission is free to all events except the evening concert, led by Cappella Nova director Rebecca Tavener, on Saturday 18. For further information visit or contact [email protected].

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