‘MUSA and the Arts’ workshops in memory of Professor Ian Kidd

Wednesday 16 November 2011

The Museum of the University of St Andrews will launch its first in a series of free adult workshops in memory of Professor Ian Kidd on Friday (18 November 2011) 6-8 pm.

These workshops will be part of a series called ‘MUSA and the Arts’. The events will take place during winter of 2011-2012 and will feature workshops including art, pottery, and music.

The first workshop will be ‘Scenes of St Andrews with Mark Holden’, featuring a watercolour workshop led by the local artist. Based in Ceres Fife, Holden is an established landscape artist; inspired by the West Sands as a favourite subject. His work is widely collected and is exhibited in several leading Galleries both north and south of the border. Recent commissions include paintings for St Andrews Links Trust (Castle Golf Course – Clubhouse) depicting the course in Historical times and the present day.

The MUSA and the Arts Series commemorates the life and legacy of Professor Ian Kidd; an exemplary academic and researcher who devoted his life to the promotion of higher education. He served as a lecturer in Greek at the University of St Andrews, where he spent four decades distinguishing himself as a leading expert on Greek philosophy and science. Kidd held the position of Professor of Ancient Philosophy (1973-1976) and as chair of Greek (1976-1987). His crowning work was an edition in four volumes (with commentary and translation) of the Stoic thinker Posidonius – an achievement which made him a world authority on the subject and which contributed to the receipt of his Fellowship of the British Academy, awarded in 1993.

His achievements also include his appointment as Visiting Professor in Classics at the University of Texas at Austin (1965-1966) and his membership of the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, on two occasions (1971-1972 and 1979-1980). He also served as the Provost of St Leonard’s College (1978-1983), the Chancellor’s Assessor (1989-1998), and Vice President of the University Court (1997-1998). Upon his retirement, his achievements were marked by the University of St Andrews with the award of an honorary D.Litt (2001).

Professor Ian Kidd left an endowment to the Museum of the University of St Andrews to fund a series of workshops for adults. This was in memory of the commitment he, and his late wife, Sheila, shared with the former Friends of the Crawford Arts Centre and, latterly, MUSA in the staging of exhibitions and practical sessions which encouraged participation from across the St Andrews community.
Attendees need have no previous experience and all materials will be provided. Wine and nibbles will be served.

All of MUSA’s arts workshops are free but booking is required for many of them, including ‘Scenes of St Andrews with Mark Holden’.  Bookings can be made by telephoning 01334 461660 or emailing [email protected]. More information on MUSA’s workshops can be found online at www.st-andrews.ac.uk/musa/whatson.


Note to Editors

MUSA (Museum of the University of St Andrews) is located at 7a The Scores and tells the story of Scotland’s first University from its foundation in around 1413 until the present day.  Using some remarkable objects and artworks, the museum examines St Andrews’ foundation and early development, student life and leisure through the ages and the scientific, literary, philosophical and theological developments that have sprung from this seat of learning.  Visitors can also encounter some notable figures from the University’s history, discover exactly what a museum is and experience stunning vistas over West Sands and out towards Arbroath from the Viewing Terrace.  The museum is open Thursday-Sunday from noon until 4pm.

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