Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives

Wednesday 5 November 2008

Paul Rose. Credit: Ian Kellett.

Intrepid explorer Paul Rose will journey to the University of St Andrews this week.

The adventurer and presenter will address the St Andrews University Expedition Society on Thursday 6th November.

Paul will speak about his current project, “The Oceans”, a new BBC series in which the presenter uncovers underwater secrets from forgotten shipwrecks to black holes.

Paul said, “I’m very much looking forward to being at St Andrews University Expedition Society for my talk. I seem to have spent a great deal of my time bumping into St Andrews people in some of the world’s most remote locations!”

The talk is entitled “Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives”.  Paul explained, “My talk has the sub-title, ‘What is it that makes some people so special? How can explorers be impervious to cold, heat, pain and general discomfort?’ This is a theme I thoroughly enjoy as we can explore, discuss and have fun with a range of expedition focussed subjects.”

Paul has a long record of leading Greenland ice cap expeditions and providing polar science logistics and mountaineering support.

For ten years he was Base Commander of the Rothera Research Station in Antarctica and was awarded Her Majesty The Queen’s Polar Medal. He also received the US Navy Polar Medal for his work with Nasa and the Mars Lander project on Mount Erebus, Antarctica.

Paul has worked as a BBC presenter previously and his credits include Take One Museum, Meltdown and Voyages of Discovery. He has also written a book about the Oceans series.

Paul Rose will speak about his adventures at the University of St Andrews on Thursday 6th November at 7pm in the Buchanan Lecture Theatre on Union Street.  Suggested donations for entrance are £2 students / £4 general public.


The Oceans series begins on BBC2 on November 12th and is accompanied by a book, Oceans by Paul Rose and Anne Laking.


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