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A switch in ocean circulation that helped end the Ice Age

Ancient ocean research could provide insight in to future climate change.

23 April 2018Research

Another Best for St Andrews

St Andrews graduate recieves quadruple honours for her work on the ocean's mixing processes from the leading scientific bodies in her field 

22 June 2015Awards

Storm in a chip

Scientists create extreme events in a tiny chip

9 March 2015Research

What lies beneath?

Study calls for more global surveys on populations of vulnerable marine mammals.

13 September 2012Research

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives

Intrepid explorer Paul Rose visits the University of St Andrews.

5 November 2008University news

Scientists explore ‘Grand Canyon’ of the oceans

The deepest, darkest, most inhospitable place on Earth is the focus of a new £2 million research project involving University of St Andrews scientists.

8 November 2005Research

Biologists share multi-million dollar funding

Scotland's marine biologists have been awarded a share of a $5 million international grant to develop new instruments for collecting information about marine mammals and create digital databases on the diversity, distribution and abundance of marine life throughout the world.

14 April 2002Research