Politicians touch-down

Friday 12 March 2010

MPs and Lords, including Lord Addington MP, Ian Davidson MP and Andy Reed MP, will gather on the University of St Andrews sports fields this Saturday (March 13, 2010) to play a rugby match against a St Andrews select team.

The University is proud to welcome the Commons and Lords Rugby Union Football Club for their first St Andrews show-down, and it is hoped that this will now become a recurring event.

The Commons and Lords team is formed from members of both Houses of Parliament and their staff. The home squad includes Stephen Stewart, Director of Sport and Exercise at the University, Quaestor and Factor Derek Watson, and Dr John Ingledew, senior lecturer in Biomolecular Sciences.

The Commons and Lords RUFC team plays regular matches against other Parliaments and charitable organisations to raise the profile of rugby union amongst politicians and to raise funds for a range of charities.

Formed in 1983, it exists “to foster international relations, development and friendship through parliamentary rugby”.

Internationally, it is one of ten national teams playing parliamentary rugby under the control of the Council for Inter Parliamentary Rugby.

The game is slightly modified from the 15-a-side game to enable players to play in four fifteen minute quarters.

Steven Stewart, Director of Sport and Exercise at the University of St Andrews, said:

“The match will be competitive but played in a good spirit and for me as Director of Sport and Exercise it always a pleasure to see people forging new friendships through their enjoyment of sport.

“Both sides bring a mixture of young and old – some very mobile, some not so – but everyone is looking forward to a fun game.”

The players will gather at the University Sports Centre before kick off at 10.45 am.

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