Principal’s Medal: Katherine Weight

Tuesday 23 June 2015

Katherine Weight Principal's Medal

Congratulations to all our graduates.

I should now like to tell you about The Principal’s Medal, which is in its sixth year. The Principal’s Medal was inaugurated thanks to the generosity of three anonymous donors. They have established a fund which allows for awards to be made to students who display exceptional endeavour and achievement during their time at St Andrews. The awards are open to final-year undergraduates, and to postgraduates, in any discipline. The achievements celebrated are academic as well as sporting, musical, or other attainments. I am honoured to have been given such a wonderful opportunity to recognise, publicly, the outstanding achievements of individual students.

For the academic year 2014-2015, the Principal’s Medal will be presented to two extraordinary students, one of whom, Katherine Weight, just received her Degree of Psychology with Biology.

Katherine has shown herself to be a driven, highly-productive community organiser and leader, whose work to bring town and gown together is evident across a number of successful ventures. Through her involvement with The Fellowship of St Andrews, she has led and helped co-ordinate a number of high-profile projects, from a St Andrews Daystreetfestival, through to the renovation of Craigtoun Park, now once more a popular meeting point for local families. In addition, Katherine has undertaken leadership roles with On The Rocks, Scotland’s largest student-run arts festival, and somehow found time to act as Head Trainer for Nellie the seal at the St Andrews Aquarium, amongst other important commitments. She has given freely of her time and considerable talents to the immeasurable benefit of our University and wider local community.

Katherine, in recognition of all that you have achieved both academically and personally during your time as an undergraduate, it gives me great pleasure to invite you to join me on stage now to receive your medal.

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