Renowned philosopher in St Andrews

Sunday 25 April 2010

Britain’s best known public philosopher and intellectual is taking part in a 120 year old lecture series in St Andrews.

Roger Scruton, author of some 40 books, and a frequent contributor to the media in Britain and America, is to deliver all six of the University of St Andrews’ Gifford Lectures, which run from now until 6 May.

The lectures, on the theme ‘The Face of God’, are being organised by the University’s Centre for Ethics, Philosophy and Public Affairs.  For the period of the lecture series, Professor Scruton will also be a fellow of the Centre.

The prestigious Gifford Lectureships were established by Adam Lord Gifford (1820–1887), a senator of the College of Justice in Scotland. The purpose of Lord Gifford’s bequest was to sponsor lectures to promote ‘the knowledge of God’.

Since the first lecture in 1888, Gifford Lecturers have been recognised as pre-eminent thinkers in their respective fields. Professor Scruton follows in the footsteps of renowned philosophers of their day, such as Hannah Arendt, William James, Max Mueller, Iris Murdoch and Alfred North Whitehead.

The lecture series will be delivered in School III of St Salvator’s Quad, North Street, St Andrews. Each lecture will begin at 5.15pm, and following the first there will be a public reception in Lower College Hall.

Lectures are free and open to the public as well as to staff and students of the University.

For further information on the lectures visit or contact Professor John Haldane on 01334 462488 or email [email protected].


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