Retiral of university Vice-Principal and Proctor

Tuesday 9 January 2001

A presentation is to be held this afternoon (Tuesday 9 January 2001) to mark the retirement of the Vice- Principal and Proctor of the University of St Andrews.

Born in Birmingham in 1937, Professor J J Sanderson, Professor of Theoretical Plasma Physics, joined the University after graduating with a BSc from Birmingham University in 1958 and a PhD from Manchester University in 1961.

Professor Sanderson’s academic career began in 1961 when he was a Research Associate at the University of Maryland Institute for Fluid Dynamics and Applied Mathematics. He then spent two years as Theoretical Physicist at English Electric Company Limited in Leicester.

He joined the University of St Andrews as Lecturer in Applied Mathematics in 1966, promoted to Senior Lecturer in 1973 and to Reader in 1975. Since 1985, he has held the post of Professor of Theoretical Plasma Physics. From 1982 until 1987, he was Chairman of the Department of Applied Mathematics and continued to chair the Department of Mathematical Sciences from 1987 until 1988. Professor Sanderson was the Dean of Science from 1988 until 1992 and held the post of Assistant Principal between 1994 and 1996. From there, he progressed to the post of Factor and then Proctor during which he was also the Acting Head of the School of Geography and Geosciences, finally being appointed to the post of Vice-Principal and Proctor in 2000.

He has also been a Visiting Professor at the Department of Physics in the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, USA and is a member of many academic bodies including the Association of University Teachers and the Institute of Physics. He also belongs to the British Fulbright Scholars Association; the Save British Science Society and the Governing and Business Committees of the Scottish Universities Summer Schools in Physics.

During his career, he has also held various short-term vacation/research appointments including spells at the UKAEA in Culham; the Max-Planck Institut fur Plasmaphysik in Germany; the Ile de Re in France; the University of Helsinki; the University of California and Pakistan UGC in Islamabad.

During his time at the University, his main collaborations have been with the UKAEA in Culham, where he has also been invited to give annual lectures to an international school for over 25 years. He has also worked in conjunction with the Central Laser Facility Programme at the SERC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and the Los Alamos National Laboratory in the USA. Numerous other research visits have been made to France, Germany and Finland, supported by various bodies including SERC, the Royal Society and the British Council.

Professor Sanderson has also contributed to nearly 40 publications and jointly written various books. He lives with his wife Mischa in St Andrews.


NOTE TO EDITORS – You are invited to send a photographer to Professor Sanderson’s retirement presentation in Lower College Hall, St Salvator’s Quad, St Andrews at 4.30pm on Tuesday 9 January 2001.

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