Saltire Society announces its first woman president

Friday 1 June 2018

saltire-mapstone-mainbody-2The Saltire Society has announced the Principal of the University of St Andrews, Professor Sally Mapstone, as its new president.

Professor Mapstone, the 18th President and first woman President of the Saltire Society, will succeed journalist and writer Magnus Linklater as head of the 82-year-old charity.

The Saltire Society is a champion of Scottish culture which works with emerging creatives from a variety of different industries and backgrounds, celebrates Scottish talent through its many award programmes and seeks to support emerging talents.

Professor Mapstone (pictured) said: “It is such an honour to be assuming this role. The Saltire Society advocates for the excellence of Scottish culture and its place at the heart of Scottish society.

“Scottish culture has a proud and diverse history and a dynamic currency today. Books, buildings and the arts surround us daily, and Scottish writers, artists, designers and musicians constantly enhance our lives.

“I look forward to promoting the Scottish cultural mix through the Saltire Society’s activities and to raising the Society’s profile still further. It is also an honour to follow on from Magnus Linklater, whose commitment to the Saltire Society has done so much to enhance its standing and its significance.”

Mr Linklater, who has been President of the Saltire Society since 2011, said: “I am certain that Sally will bring a new vision and a deep understanding of the values the Saltire Society stands for to her new role and I wish her all the best in that role.

“Being the President has been a deeply rewarding pleasure for me and I am certain that it will be for Sally.”

Programme Director of the Saltire Society, Sarah Mason, said: “We are looking forward to working with Sally to ensure that Scotland’s culture continues to be celebrated and encouraged and know that having her fresh voice will ensure the Society continues to develop and work for Scotland today.”

About the Saltire Society

The Saltire Society seeks to encourage everything that might improve the quality of life in Scotland. It works to preserve all that is best in Scottish traditions and to encourage new developments which can strengthen and enrich the country’s cultural life. It acts as a catalyst, celebrant and commentator through an annual programme of awards, lectures, debates and projects. Founded in 1936 is a non-political independent charity with membership branches throughout Scotland.

Membership of the Saltire Society is open to all individuals and organisations that support the aims of the Society.  More information can be found on the Society’s webpage.

Image of Principal and Vice-Chancellor Professor Sally Mapstone © Tricia Malley, Ross Gillespie broad daylight

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