Scottish youngsters in classics drama

Tuesday 12 June 2001

School pupils from all over Scotland converged on St Andrews today (Thursday 14th June, 2001) to take part in the traditional Annual Recitation and Project Competition organised jointly by The Tayside Classical Organisation and the University of St Andrews.

Youngsters with a flair for the Classics travelled from as far as Aberdeen to perform recitals and short dramas in ancient Greek and Latin, competing against their contemporaries for cash and trophy prizes.

The competition, which has been running for over 20 years, is organised by The Tayside Classical Organisation in conjunction with the University of St Andrews’ School of Greek, Latin And Ancient History. This year, it attracted around 80 entrants from 8 secondary schools throughout Scotland, including Dundee’s Harris Academy and High School and St Andrews’ Madras College.

School Liaison Officer Tom Harrison, from the School of Greek Latin And Ancient History said, “The Recitation Competition is a wonderful opportunity for students of Classics in Scotland to get together, to celebrate the subject, and to show that Greek and Latin are alive and kicking. The recitation competition is just one of a number of ways in which the University supports the study of classics in Scottish schools.”

Classical readings and performances were conducted by entrants within the University’s ancient environs. Individual schools also presented group projects with a classic flavour.

Joining the judging panel today was former winner and Dundee High School F.P. Diane Law, 21, who won the Senior Recitation in 1996. Winning the competition was obviously a sign of things to come for the talented youngster – Diane is about to graduate with a degree in Classical Studies from the University of St Andrews, before embarking on a postgraduate teaching course at Cambridge.

Her fellow prize givers included Latin lecturers Emma Griffiths and Steve Green, both of whom are leaving the University later this year.

The competition awarded prizes at both junior and senior level in categories ranging from Latin and Greek recitations to special art projects.



For further information about the competition, please contact Tom Harrison, School Liaison Officer for the School of Greek Latin And Ancient History on 01334 462605

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Projects First prize: Madras (Cecily Davey, Francine Toon, Hannah Bredin, Elizabeth Lawrenson) 2nd prize Kilgraston (Carol Stewart, Kate Wardman, Beatriz Navarro, Louise McGrath, Jessica Hislop)

Junior Latin (play) 1st prize: St Margaret’s A (Sinead McAteer, Beki Muinde, Bryony Lunn, Kimberley Mitchell, Rachel Falconer) 2nd prize: Madras (Tara Chaloner, William Gilbertson, Tom Esler, James Porter, Michael Sullivan)

Intermediate Latin 1st prize: Rachel Robertson (St Margaret’s Aberdeen) 2nd: Arwa el-Sheemy (St. Margaret’s Aberdeen) 3rd prize: Fiona Armstrong (Harris Academy)

Senior Latin 1st prize: Hannah Stafford (St. Margaret’s)

Greek: 1st prize: Rebecca Gower (Glenalmond) 2nd prize: Hannah Bredin (Madras)





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