Sir Kenneth awarded honorary presidency

Tuesday 11 April 2006

The former Chancellor of the University of St Andrews, Sir Kenneth Dover, will be made Honorary President of the Students’ Association today (Wednesday, 12 April).

The honour is being made in recognition of Sir Kenneth’s many years of service to both the University and its students. A short ceremony will take place to mark the honour at the University this afternoon.

Sir Kenneth served as Chancellor of the University for twenty-six years, during that period having a rare yet curious ‘physical’ interaction with almost every student at the University. Sir Kenneth was responsible for tapping students on the head at graduation, thus conferring on them their degrees.

Prior serving as Chancellor, Sir Kenneth was President of the British Academy, President of Corpus Christi College Oxford, and Professor at St Andrews appointed in 1955. Sir Kenneth is one of the most distinguished classicists of the twentieth century, the first academic to serve as the Chancellor of St Andrews. He retired from his post on 1st January this year and is succeeded by Sir Menzies Campbell MP.

Sir Kenneth and Lady Dover still reside in St Andrews, and will be on hand to receive their award this afternoon.

Alex Yabroff, President of the Students’ Association said: “Sir Kenneth is a distinguished figure who students for generations have remembered fondly when thinking of their time at St Andrews.”


Sir Kenneth Dover will be granted Honorary Presidency of the Students’ Association in a short ceremony today (Wednesday 12th April 2006) at St Salvator’s Quad, North Street, St Andrews, at 1pm.

For further information, contact Alex Yabroff, Association President, on 01334 462700.

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