St Andrews applications grow by 17%

Monday 30 January 2012

Applications from prospective students to the University of St Andrews have increased by 17%, according to figures released by UCAS today (30 January 2012).

A total of 13,696 prospective students have applied for a place at St Andrews in 2012 – equivalent to 10 applications for every available place. It is the largest number of applications ever received by St Andrews, and comes against a downturn in the UK HE sector as a whole.

Applications to St Andrews from students resident in the UK – Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland – have increased by 10%.

Applications from Scotland are up 11%, from Wales up 10%, from England down 3% and from Northern Ireland down 15%.

Applications to St Andrews from the rest of the EU are up 35% and from Overseas, up 22%.

St Andrews Vice-Principal External Relations, Stephen Magee, said:

“We are pleased that applications to St Andrews have again grown, particularly when the sector as a whole has seen a drop in applications and the funding of higher education is more challenged than ever, for students as well as institutions.

“What will be far more important than application figures however are the numbers of young people who actually decide to take up the offer of a place at university, given the considerable pressures facing families at present.”


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