St Andrews hosts Science Fair

Tuesday 15 June 2010

Over one hundred and fifty secondary school children from across Fife gathered in St Andrews today to take part in the second annual Science Fair.

Pupils from Fife schools at the School of Physics and Astronomy

Pupils from Madras College, Waid Academy, Kirkland and Buckhaven Schools came to learn about forensics, medicine and psychology and get the chance to meet with scientists, researchers and lecturers.

Workshops included – “Molecules, mirrors and medicines”; looking at 3D models of organic molecules and examining their shapes, “Matters of the Heart”; looking at the structure and function of the heart, and “Seeing Life Through a New Light”; exploring how scientists see the unseeable and use lasers as tweezers.

The guest speaker was Dr Xanthe Mallet from Dundee who has over 6 years experience as a forensic anthropologist, and considerable experience analysing human craniofacial biometrics. She has appeared in the CSI History series on BBC, helping to identify people from skeletons by using modern forensic techniques to trace their cause of death.

Professor Alyson Tobin, Dean of Science, said:

“The event has provided an excellent experience for pupils who are just embarking on their Higher Science studies. The opportunity to learn of the work of professional scientists and to get a taste of University life has been met with enthusiasm from all those who have taken part in the science fair.”

The Fair was held in the University’s School of Physics and Astronomy, North Haugh, St Andrews.


The School of Astronomy and Physics is committed to promoting physics and astronomy in the local and wider community. In addition to today’s Science Fair, for example, the School also runs a touring exhibition visiting science festivals and exhibitions across the UK, an inflatable planetarium which visits schools and public groups, while staff visit local schools to deliver presentations.

The Science Fair is an initiative run by Mrs Paula Watch of the Waid Academy and supported by the University of St Andrews and aims is to promote the appreciation of chemistry and related sciences among the young.

Photos are available from the Communications Office on 01334 462 109.

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