Staff at St Andrews win awards for teaching

Tuesday 14 May 2013

Staff at the University of St Andrews have been recognised for their excellent teaching.

In two separate awards – one with winners nominated by Heads of School and the other by students – the best teachers have been acknowledged for their dedication in supporti

ng students through their studies.

This is the first year of the Teaching Awards, where Heads of School nominated colleagues who had excelled in the past year. Nominations were then examined by a judging panel of senior staff.

Winning one of the first Teaching Awards was Paula Miles in the School of Psychology and Neuroscience who was recognised for her excellent teaching in the classroom.

The judges commended her “thoughtful innovation” for improving teaching and for her outreach activities including her “Citizen Science” approach which helps students experience the research process.

The award is a second for the academic who previously received a student-led award for teaching.

Dr Lisa Jones in Philosophy was also awarded for excellent teaching in the classroom with her “dedication” to improving assessment techniques appreciated by students.

Her contributions to the University’s Evening Degree programme and distance learning programme were acknowledged.  The panel also praised Dr Jones’ ability to inspire her colleagues to improve their teaching and assessment techniques.

Two group awards were also made, with Dr Shiona Chillas, Charles Lovatt, Professor John Wilson, Professor Jan Bebbington,  Professor Huw Davies of Management and Dr Mike Kesby of Geography and Geosciences being acknowledged for their work in designing and teaching  core module: “Contemporary Global Issues in Management”.

The judging panel were impressed by the clever design of the course, as well as by the intellectual dedication shown.

Finally, a team in Modern Languages comprising Professor Margaret-Anne Hutton, Dr Colette Lawson, Dr Henriette Partzsh and Dr Emily Finer were honoured for their work on the new Comparative Literature masters degrees.

They were praised for team work and the successful collaborative nature of the programmes.

Also nominated for the awards were Dr Bill Heitler of Biology, Dr Anita Laidlaw and Dr Alex Collinson of Medicine, Dr Jon Coulston of Classics, Dr Rebecca Sweetman of Classics, Dr Miguel  Nacenta of Computer Science, Dr Ruth Robinson of Geography and Geosciences, Dr Monique MacKenzie of Mathematics and Statistics and Dr Tom Normand of Art History.

The awards were presented by the Master, Professor Neville Richardson.

Students at the University of St Andrews also recognised staff for their efforts in supporting them to achieve their goals.

The Students’ Association at the University named the academics who made the greatest impact on teaching in the last year.

These awards have been running since 2010 when students felt there was a need to recognise good teaching and acknowledge those who go above and beyond the call of duty.

The award for Best Dissertation Supervisor Arts/ Divinity went to Dr Bridget Heal in the School of History for her commitment “over and above what is expected”.

Dr Caron Gentry of the School of International Relations and Dr Colette Lawson of Modern Languages were also short-listed for the award.

Best Dissertation Supervisor Science/ Medicine went to Dr Chris Hooley of Physics and Astronomy for his “excellent” support and advice.

Dr Rachel Davies of Medicine and Dr Martin Campbell of Psychology were also short-listed.

Innovation in Teaching went to Professor Andy Williams of International Relations for his efforts encouraging students to use original archival sources.

Dr Rehema White of Geography and Geosciences   and Jeremy Kleidosty of International Relations were also shortlisted in the category.

Postgraduate Tutor was awarded to Jonathan Fraser of Mathematics and Statistics for going “above and beyond the call of duty in care for students and provision of tutorials”.

Pardis Shafafi of Social Anthropology was also shortlisted.

The Teaching (Honours) award was made to Dr Tom Normand of Art History for his dedication to teaching at all levels and his pastoral care.

Dr Tim Wilson of International Relations and Dr Rory Cox of History were also short-listed.

Teaching (Sub-Honours) went to Dr Susie Whiten of Medicine who was described as being the “heart and soul of the medical school” by students.

Dr Mark Imber of International Relations and Diane McGoldrick of Management were also shortlisted.

Teaching (Postgraduate) went to Professor Frances Andrews of History for her “exceptional support” for a very large number of PhD students who praised her “consistent advice”, and for providing scholarly opportunities.

Dr Sarah Dillon of English and Dr William Tooman of Divinity were also shortlisted in the category.

The Students’ Association awards were presented by Association President Freddie fforde.

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