Star-gazing on St Andrew’s night

Tuesday 23 November 2004

Star-gazers can view the sky’s delights on St Andrew’s night when the University of St Andrews opens its Observatory to the public.

The University will continue its tradition of opening the Observatory free of charge from 6- 9pm on Tuesday 30 November 2004.

On view will be telescopes, including the James Gregory Telescope, the largest operating optical telescope in the UK, displays of photographs, digital images and computer simulations of astronomical phenomena.

If the sky is clear, visitors will be able to look through small telescopes at star clusters, gas clouds in interstellar space, and galaxies, as well as seeing digital images from the James Gregory Telescope of objects up to 10,000 times fainter than can be seen with the unaided eye. With the Moon just rising around 6pm, it will be possible to look at the craters and mountains on the Moon later in the evening. The planet Saturn, with its dramatic ring system, will also be visible towards 9pm.

The Observatory is located off the north side of Buchanan Gardens, St Andrews, just west of the mini- roundabout junction with Hepburn Gardens. Limited parking space is available. There is wheelchair access to the ground floor of the Gregory building, where most of the displays are mounted, but no wheelchair access to any of the telescope domes.


NOTE TO EDITORS – Jpeg image of the spiral galaxy NGC891 obtained last week with the James Gregory Telescope available from Claire Grainger, contact details below.

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