Students launch environmentally-friendly fashion show

Thursday 13 December 2007

Environmentally-aware students at the University of St Andrews are to organise a fashion show aimed at highlighting sustainability issues.

The annual FS:08 show, which will be held in St Andrews in March next year, will consider its impact on the environment from the outset of planning.  From using eco-friendly products and lighting to carbon off-setting, everyone involved in the show, from designers to organisers, will be encouraged to do their bit for the environment.

For the first time the event, to be held at the University’s Younger Hall, will feature an eco-friendly fashion collection as a centrepiece to their green cause.

The students behind it aim to support the University’s commitment to sustainability by making environmental issues key to the event.  Organisers are currently being advised by staff from the University’s Sustainability Institute and Environment team on practical issues.

Director of the show, Olly Markeson, said, “Our University is committed to green practices, and so are we.  FS:08 is the first major green event at St Andrews that isn’t organised by an environmental society.  With the fashion show taking this step, we’re leading the way for sustainability in the big social events that make St Andrews the place it is.

In recent years the University has taken steps to become a leader in sustainable development by integrating policies and activities across its operational and educational policy.  In addition to establishing a far-reaching Sustainability Strategy and signing up to the Higher Education Carbon Management Programme, the University successfully achieved Fairtrade status in 2006.  In the same year it was named as the UK’s top university for outstanding contribution to sustainable development.

Recent developments include the opening of the University’s flagship new residences, hailed as the most environmentally friendly in the country, and the launch of the St Andrews Sustainability Institute (SASI), a multi-disciplinary research centre involving academics from across the University.

Now in its 17th year, all advertising and ticketing for next year’s fashion show will be made from recycled material.

The event has the support of University Rector and environmental campaigner Simon Pepper.  He said, “Every day we are making choices, not least in what we buy to wear.  Through the choices we make, we can encourage those who work to keep the world health, safe, productive, beautiful and just.  Too much of our consumption these days is doing the opposite.  It’s great to see St Andrews students taking the lead in this important ethical challenge of our time.”





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