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Wednesday 16 June 2004

Over 250 philosophers arrived in St Andrews today (Thursday 17th June 2004) for a prestigious international philosophy conference on the subject of truth.

The Conference on Truth and Realism, hosted by the University of St Andrews, brings some of the best-known philosophers in the world together with some of the field’s emerging stars. Specific issues to be explored include relativism, vagueness, truth and pragmatism. The conference will provide an overview of the best work on realism and truth, while setting the stage for future debates.

Delegates from 20 countries are taking part in the 4-day conference hosted by the University of St Andrews’ Department of Philosophy. Amongst the countries represented are the USA, Australia, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Canada, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, Chile, and China.

In addition to distinguished figures and leading authorities from around the World, the conference will feature young and emergent researchers working in the field.

The eight main speakers are: Robert Brandom, John McDowell (both Pittsburgh University), Michael Devitt, Paul Horwich (both City University of New York), Terence Horgan (Arizona University), Ernest Sosa (Brown University), Michael Williams (Johns Hopkins University), and Crispin Wright (St Andrews).

The conference was co-organised by Dr Patrick Greenough, a lecturer in Logic and Metaphysics at St Andrews, and Michael Lynch, Chair of the University of Connecticut’s Philosophy Department.

Dr Greenough said: “The conference is an international conference of the very highest calibre. It is easily the most prestigious one- off philosophy conference in the world this year, and in the UK the most prestigious one-off philosophy conference in a decade.”

The main aims and objectives of the conference are to: set the stage for the truth and realism debate for many years to come and to produce a conference proceedings that will be the first choice anthology on the subject; to bring together the most distinguished philosophers from a variety of different (and opposing) theoretical perspectives and to offer a rich philosophical event to all delegates.

In order to allow young philosophers to meet and interact with established and emergent names, the organisers set up a pre- conference for postgraduate students. Over 100 students from all over the World took part in preparation of the main conference.

Further information and conference abstracts are available online at:

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