Universities in 2025

Tuesday 9 March 2004

A look into the future of Scottish Universities will be hosted by Scotland’s oldest HE institution today (Tuesday 9th March 2004).

The national event, organised by the University of St Andrews, will explore what Scottish Universities will be like in the year 2025.

‘The Nature of Learning in Scottish Higher Education in 2025’ will involve senior figures from a variety of sectors, who will examine how to maintain internationally respected higher education in Scotland throughout the twenty-first century.

Delegates will be asked to consider the range of challenging issues affecting higher education in Scotland and key speakers will include Susan Deacon MSP, who will explore what it will be like to be a student in 21 years time.

A diverse group of leading decision makers such as school teachers, student leaders, University Principals and representatives of the private sector, Scottish Funding Councils and Scottish government will be given the opportunity to explore a vision for the future. Key figures will include Universities Scotland Director David Caldwell, Chief Executive of the Scottish Funding Council Roger McClure, National Union of Students President Rami Okasha and University Principals Professor Bernard King and Dr Brian Lang of Abertay Dundee and St Andrews respectively.

University of St Andrews Deputy Principal David Corner said:

“This is a rare opportunity to put the concerns of today into perspective by setting our imaginations loose on the future. Scottish universities in 2025 must contribute with excellence to the advancement of both Scotland and the world and exploring challenges in that more distant context is bound to give us new insights into our efforts today.”

The invited audience will be asked to consider the central question: ‘If you were to design an internationally respected University and base it in Scotland, what would it be like?’

Further questions asked will examine:

· What will Scottish Universities be like in 2025 if they are to contribute to Scotland while attracting international respect? · Are there core elements that will remain unchanged? · What transformations will be shaped by changes in society, universities globally, fields of study and information technology? · What are the different implications for individual institutions and for the sector as a whole?

The three keynote speakers are Susan Deacon, Professor Raul Machado of Brazil’s University of Sao Paulo and the University of Warwick’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor David VandeLinde. Professor Machado will discuss possible future missions and approaches in HEI’s while Professor VandeLinde will explore issues shaping the Curriculum of the future.

The event, thought to be an unusual opportunity for leading figures to look into the future in an imaginative way, has been designed to catalyse a deeper understanding of the future of learning and of the potential for Scottish Universities to achieve leadership globally.

Susan Deacon said: “I am delighted to be given the opportunity to take part in this exciting event. We live in a fast-moving globalised World and this is a valuable opportunity to think about how Scottish Higher Education can best prepare for the future. All too often we react to the pressures of today but we need to be able to rise to the challenges of tomorrow.

“I see this as an opportunity for people to push the boundaries of thinking, not just about what Higher Education will look like, but Scotland too. It is rare to get the opportunity to think two decades ahead.”

‘The Nature of Learning in Scottish Higher Education in 2025 – What will an internationally respected Scottish University – and Scottish University Sector – be like?’ will be held at the St Andrews Bay Hotel, St Andrews on Tuesday 9th March, 2004. It is sponsored by the General Council of the University of St Andrews.




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