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First glimpse of star flip

An international team of astrophysicists has, for the first time, discovered a star other than the Sun flipping its north and south magnetic poles.

The end to a mystery?

Astronomers at St Andrews believe they can 'simplify the dark side of the Universe'.

Study of galaxy reveals ‘football-shaped’ bulge

Scientists at the University of St Andrews have carried out a new study of one of the oldest parts of the Galaxy. The collaboration between astronomers at St Andrews and UCLA (University of California Los Angeles) is the largest survey to date of the speed of stars within the 'Galactic bulge'.

Sparks fly in National Science Week

Where do you inherit your hair colour from? What's inside your mobile phone? How does memory work? What would you look like if you had been born in the opposite sex? And, most bizarre of all, do chickens prefer beautiful humans?