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Earth holds the key to detecting life beyond our solar system

Atmospheric modelling lays foundations of detecting exoplanet biosignatures.

19 February 2018Research

Should we replace stars with planets on our Christmas trees?

Mystery of the Star of Bethlehem

18 December 2017Research

Milky Way could have 100 billion brown dwarfs

St Andrews astronomer reaches for the stars

7 July 2017Research

New study reveals light-bending celestial phenomenon

First time this effect has been observed beyond the solar system

7 June 2017Research

Running away from Einstein

Galaxies flying away faster than current theory allows

15 March 2017Research

Humanity through the lens of the Universe

Multidisciplinary centre for exoplanet science to study what makes humanity ‘special’

23 January 2017University news

A journey through the Universe

Stars turn out for University Observatory Open Night

18 November 2016Local community

Close encounters

Is there life on HD164595b? The news that Russian scientists observed an unexplained ‘strong signal’ from a star just 95 light years away has piqued the interest of scientists and would-be alien hunters worldwide. Dr Alan Penny, an Honorary Reader at the School of Physics and Astronomy and Co-ordinator of the UK’s Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Research Network, […]

5 September 2016Public interest stories

Astronomers map a record-breaking 1.2 million galaxies

Galaxies map allows scientists to measure the expansion of the Universe

14 July 2016Research

Newborn planet solves 20 year puzzle

2 million year old ‘Hot Jupiter’ discovered by international team

21 June 2016Research