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New research could provide insight into future climate change

Surface temperatures of the Eocene epoch were significantly warmer than today, providing an insight into future climate change modelling.

22 January 2018Research

Global environmental conservation prize opens for entries

$150,000 US dollars in cash prizes

4 September 2017Awards

New study calls for better information on changes in wild animal populations

Technology and citizen science can boost biodiversity monitoring

22 August 2017Research

Britain’s smallest bird affected by cold winters

New analysis methods relate wildlife abundance to weather

15 June 2017Research

St Andrews Prize for the Environment 2017

$150,000 USD in prize awards

28 April 2017Awards

St Andrews Prize for the Environment

2017 Finalists Announced

22 March 2017Awards

Newly-discovered peatlands must be protected to prevent climate change

Commercial agriculture also threatens iconic species

20 March 2017Research

Biogenic haze formation fuelled planetary oxidation

Revealing the hazy details of the Great Oxidation Event

14 March 2017Research

Government funding for St Andrews community carbon challenge

Bid to reduce carbon emissions by 600 tonnes

24 February 2017Local community

Nitrogen Revolution: study breathes new life into 2.3 billion year old ‘Great Oxidation Event’

Nitrogen captured in ancient rocks from South Africa provides fresh insights into the co-evolution of Earth and life

7 February 2017Research