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New communication technique helps people with dementia

Method could reduce social isolation

3 August 2017Research

SWiM: an evolution in one-handed texting

Shape Writing in Motion

17 March 2017Research

Postcards on parchment reveal medieval use of “social media”

Small art works were used to reveal status and allegiances

16 June 2016Research

School of Rock

Stone tools of our ancestors sparked the evolution of language, teaching and learning 

13 January 2015University news

Elephants know their audience

Research finds elephants understand different visual perspectives

9 July 2014Research

All in hand

Researchers work out what chimp gestures mean

4 July 2014Research

Research prize awarded to St Andrews philosopher

Professor Herman Cappelen recognised by the University of Oslo.

5 May 2010Awards

How gorilla gestures point to evolution of human language

Largest scientific study of gorilla gestures discovers repertoire of 102 different signals.

9 February 2009Research

Talking to the animals

Unique animal communication conference gathers in St Andrews.

1 August 2008Research

Orangutan charades

Orangutans communicate as if they were playing charades, according to new research.

2 August 2007Research