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Carbon nanotubes turn electrical current into light-matter quasi-particles

Strong coupling in carbon nanotubes may hold the key to electrically driven organic lasers

18 July 2017Research

Materials advance promises to help power clean energy economy

New method of creating electrode nanoarchitectures could be an energy game-changer

22 August 2016Research

St Andrews Prize for the Environment 2016 winners announced

US$150,000 in prizes awarded

21 April 2016Awards

Pushing the limits of wind power

Key issues on the future of wind power are addressed in a high-profile seminar.

6 May 2009University news

In search of a ‘Holy Grail’ of modern science

An international team of researchers has collaborated to perform a landmark experiment which could revolutionise the future of new technology.

20 October 2008Research

Positive charge for battery research

* CAPTION - Professor Peter Bruce, School of Chemistry, University of St Andrews. Credit - Royal Society of Edinburgh *

15 May 2005Research

Bright spark creates powerful new light devices

A University of St Andrews scientist is the bright spark behind some of the world's most efficient new lighting devices.

20 May 2002Research

Dr Mary Archer to lecture on solar energy

Dr Mary Archer is to give a public lecture on alternative energy sources at the University of St Andrews next week (Tuesday 14 May 2002).

9 May 2002University news

Schoolboy powers his way to St Andrews!


8 May 2001Awards