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Declaration for Humanity to be signed at St Andrews

Religious figures from around the world to gather for historic signing event

22 September 2016University news

Maths meets music

Special late night St Andrews art exhibition includes dance lessons and performances.

14 February 2013Student experience

New team at the Students’ Association

A new student team begin their sabbatical year.

16 July 2009Student experience

The St Andrews Experience

Staff and students are hosting a week-long series of special events this week.

8 October 2007Student experience

Student enterprise information day

Enterprising students and staff from the University of St Andrews will be given the chance to make key business contacts at an information day later this month.

13 April 2003Student experience

Here comes the sun!

CAPTION: 'The Sun, the Earth's auroral belt and aurora.' Courtesy of the SOHO consortium. Soho is a project of international cooperation between ESA and NASA.

12 March 2003Public interest stories

The route to commercialisation

A seminar highlighting the ways entrepreneurial academics and students can turn their research into commercially viable results is to be held at the University of St Andrews later this month (Thursday 18 April 2002).

8 April 2002Research

Celebration of physics

An open event showcasing exciting science, from optical techniques in medicine to the possibility of creating artificial black holes here on Earth, is being held at the University of St Andrews.

11 March 2002Research

All in the mind

The School of Psychology at the University of St Andrews is once again to open its doors for its annual event "The Psychology of Everyday Life".

26 February 2002University news

‘one-man odyssey’


5 August 2001Student experience