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Thursday 14 February 2013

Gallery Night Fever - Abstraction of the (He)art - Friday 15 February, from 7.30pmA special dance event tomorrow (Friday 15 February) in St Andrews will allow people to celebrate the University’s 600th Anniversary in the spirit of one of its most famous polymaths, while also enjoying his favourite hobby.

Abstraction of the (He)art will combine late-night entry to the University of St Andrews’ Gateway Gallery’s latest art exhibition ‘Mathematical Beauty: the Science & Art of Form’, as well as dance performances and taster classes in ballroom and swing.

The exhibition includes art inspired by the science of D’Arcy Thompson who loved to dance in his spare time.

Professor D’Arcy Thompson (1860 – 1948) was a Greek scholar, naturalist and mathematician. His book, On Growth and Form, had a great influence on both biologists and mathematicians.

A student of Edinburgh and later Cambridge, D’Arcy Thompson was appointed Professor of Biology in Dundee in 1884, which was incorporated as part of the University of St Andrews in 1897.

In 1917 D’Arcy Thompson was appointed to the Chair of Natural History in St Andrews. He was to hold a chair for 64 years, a record to this day.

This will be the first late-night art event held at the gallery – a move, it is hoped, which will expand the gallery’s appeal to a new audience.

The event will take place on Friday 15 February from 7.30-10.30pm at the Gateway on the North Haugh and will include a ceilidh with the band “The Occasionals”.

Cocktails and locally sourced snacks will be available. Tickets are £10, which includes a cocktail on arrival, and can be purchased online.

Any profits will be donated to the 600th anniversary fund.

Gallery Night Fever - Abstraction of the (He)art - Friday 15 February, from 7.30pm

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