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Anatomy acts

An exhibition which explores the human body, inside and out, is currently running at the University of St Andrews.

How Scotland did its duty

Three generations directly descended from a Scots Trafalgar hero will visit an exhibition today (Friday 28th October 2005) dedicated to the Scottish contribution to the Battle of Trafalgar and the Napoleonic Wars.

Poetry through the ages

* Caption - Four of the poets involved - Professor Robert Crawford and John Burnside (back) and Kathleen Jamie and Don Paterson (front) *

Looking for Leviathans

Ever wondered how scientists estimate the number of whales and other deep sea life, or the reality behind stories of sea monsters?

The fruits of DNA explored

CAPTION: (L to R) Iain Smith MSP was a guest at the recent reception for the 'DNA in the Garden' exhibition. Professor Keith Sillar, Dr Alyson Tobin and Dr Susan Gilchrist of the BBSRC are pictured with him.

DNA in the garden

A fascinating exhibition, celebrating the discovery of the structure of DNA, will open to visitors at St Andrews Botanic Garden this weekend