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Ancient volcanoes reveal Earth’s recycled crust

Ancient volcanoes could provide new insights into how the Earth’s surface is recycled, according to St Andrews scientists.

16 September 2019Research

Two-billion-year-old salt rock reveals rise of oxygen in ancient atmosphere

New information revealed about the transformation of Earth's atmosphere into an oxygenated environment.

23 March 2018Research

Geologists at St Andrews to help find essential new mineral deposits

University part of £4.2m European project

25 February 2016Research

Unlocking one of the great secrets of Earth’s evolution

Settling a debate going back to Darwin

19 February 2016Research

Indiana Jones and the snowball of doom

Understanding climate change with Professor F Hoffman.

20 September 2012University news

When continents formed

Scientists work out age of Earth’s ancient crust.

14 January 2011Research

Geoscientists investigate art rock movement

A St Andrews researcher is investigating the ancient Spanish rocks said to inspire surrealist artist Salvador Dali.

12 July 2007Research

The buried secrets of earth’s past

Dr Ian Alsop studying rock folds in Oman.

12 February 2007Research

Snowball earth proof in Scottish-irish rocks

Researchers have discovered evidence for an ancient glaciation in old Caledonian rocks - a previously undiscovered finding which indicates that the planet froze over during the 'Snowball Earth' period nearly 700 million years ago.

27 November 2006Research

From dino paws to fire and freeze

From dino paws to fossil jaws and the fire and freeze of Fife, Scotland's celebration of geology will arrive in St Andrews this weekend. For two consecutive weeks, the University of St Andrews will host two free local events to coincide with the Scottish Geology Festival (1st - 30th September).

14 September 2005Local community