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Hormone boost makes wild seals spend more time with each other

Implications for conditions in humans like autism

24 May 2017Research

Sealing the bonds between mother and child

Scientists uncover important role of hormones in mother-child bond

4 March 2016Research

Gene battles behind the turbulent nature of menopause

Paternal VS maternal conflict may explain difficult transition

9 December 2013Research

It’s written all over their face

Why a feminine face signals desire for lots of children.

26 October 2011Research

Predicting chances of pregnancy could become more accurate

New study reveals average hormone levels.

8 August 2011University news

The biology of beauty

CAPTION: Composite faces of the 10 women with highest (left) and 10 with lowest (right) levels of oestrogen. CREDIT:

2 November 2005Research

Mums-to-be attracted to healthy faces

CAPTION: Male face which was manipulated to appear unhealthy (left) and healthy (right). CREDIT: and

16 February 2005University news