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Tough times made our brains grow large

Adversity rather than cooperation is behind the large human brain, according to new research from the University's School of Biology.

23 May 2018Research

School of Rock

Stone tools of our ancestors sparked the evolution of language, teaching and learning 

13 January 2015University news

The secret of our success

Humans succeed best through helping each other, say researchers.

1 March 2012Research

Digging up the past

Vase-shaped creatures found in Namibian desert may be our earliest ancestors.

8 February 2012Research

£4M Euro grant for new studies on mental evolution

How did humans evolve?  Why did we evolve in the way that we did?

7 November 2008Research

Human fossil dated in St Andrews

CAPTION: The fossil was found in a remote part of Ethiopia.

20 September 2006Research

Scientists discover new human species

CAPTION: The skull of the new human species Homo floresiensis, revealed to the World today. CREDIT: Peter Brown, University of New England, Australia.

27 October 2004Public interest stories