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Graduation Address: Professor Malcolm White

Professor Malcolm White of the School of Biology gives the first address on the second day of Graduation 2016

22 June 2016University news

The Merits of Science

St Andrews scientists awarded prestigious Wolfson Research Merit Awards

28 August 2014Awards

The basic building blocks of life to be rethought after one discovered to be missing

Single cell organisms found near volcanoes have different make-up.

11 June 2012Research

Volcanic bug aids ‘Children of the Moon’

Ancient protein will help understanding of rare genetic disease.

30 May 2008Research

New discovery linked to DNA repair and cancer

St Andrews' scientists discover important new protein.

1 May 2008Research

Volcanic bug yields cancer clue

CAPTION: Archaea are microbes found in extreme conditions such as hot volcanic pools (above). CREDIT: Malcolm White.

14 September 2006Research

Cancer research goes ‘back to basics’

CAPTION: Dr White will study the repair systems of archaea - a group of microbes often found in extreme environments such as volcanic pools - to find out more about human repair systems.

18 November 2003Research

Meet the relatives: microbes mirror mankind

*Caption: boiling volcanic pool in Yellowstone Park, Wyoming - typical conditions for growth of archaea*

3 April 2002Research

Volcanoes to shed light on DNA?

A novel comparison between the effect of the sun on skin and life in volcanic pools is being made by a University of St Andrews scientist.

22 August 2000Research