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Fish suffer stage fright?

Archerfish, famed for their ability to hunt prey by shooting them down with jets of water, may suffer social inhibition.

15 June 2018Research

Learning good habits is secret to seabird foraging success

Long-lived seabird species take several years to learn where the best feeding grounds are and how to recognise them.

6 June 2018Research

Migration patterns changed among threatened whale population

Historical climate change has changed migration patterns of endangered whales.

3 May 2018Research

University’s leading role in post-Brexit marine science

UK influence on European marine science agenda after Brexit is critical to ensuring we remain at the forefront of international research.

12 March 2018Research

Killer whale can mimic human speech

“Wikie” can repeat the words “hello” and “bye bye”.

31 January 2018Research

Navy efforts to protect whales have limited effect

Whales remain at risk from sonar sounds

16 November 2017Research

Song cultures of whales give rare insight into evolutionary learning

‘Animal culture’ reshapes ideas about evolution

25 July 2017Research

New book reveals the fascinating life of whales

Insights into the sea mammals published by Natural History Museum

21 July 2017Research

‘Inner city’ seals may suffer hearing loss

Underwater noise increasing in UK’s busy shipping lanes inhabited by seals

2 May 2017Research

New study: 1.5 million whales, dolphins and porpoises in European Atlantic

“Stable trend” in numbers found over 22 year study

2 May 2017Research