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Putting the wind in their seals

Seal foraging patterns show offshore wind farms can be fertile feeding ground

21 July 2014Research

What’s killing corals?

New research shows how the daily grind shapes coral death

9 July 2014Research

Invasion of the monogamous fish

Research shows that restricting guppies to one partner does not impede colonisation ability.

27 June 2014Research

Rising CO2 levels: not a toothless threat

Microscopic marine creatures lose their teeth due to ocean acidity.

24 July 2013Research

One third for the birds

New research shows how much food is needed by seabirds.

22 December 2011Research

Man’s damage is ruining our oceans say experts

Deliberate damage to our oceans is a far greater threat than realised, according to experts at the University of St Andrews.

27 September 2011Research