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New light technique could help diagnose illness

3D imaging can offer insight to biological tissue.

10 April 2018Research

Arclight – a medical revolution

Device could save the sight of millions

12 January 2017Research

New hope for kidney patients

New microscope developed by St Andrews physicists allows for quicker diagnosis of kidney disease.

3 February 2016Research

New fibre-optic technology could heal wounds faster

New fibre-optic technology developed by St Andrews and Harvard Medical School could speed up the healing process of damaged tissue.

28 January 2016Research

Partnership to develop commercial applications for healthcare

Medical research into cancer and Alzheimer’s

26 March 2015Research

University of St Andrews experts help to improve hospital safety

£4.2 million to tackle hospital infections

24 March 2015Research

Whole genome sequencing holds out new hope in tuberculosis research

Use of whole genome sequencing to identify different strains of bacteria may unlock the door to improved treatments

5 December 2013Research

The benefits of poison

How poisonous gases could help heal wounds.

6 December 2012Research

The light fantastic

New laser-based methods could create better diagnosis tools in medicine.

3 December 2012Research

How Scottish scientists could help ‘neglected diseases’ in poor nations

New discovery could save millions from suffering.

30 July 2012Research