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‘Pioneers’ made fellows of RSE

Present-day pioneers at the University of St Andrews have followed in the footsteps of distinguished names such as Sir Walter Scott by being elected new Fellows of The Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE).

9 March 2007University news

Why the tsunami struck

Life-saving maps providing better evacuation routes in the event of another tsunami could be produced thanks to a group of St Andrews scientists exploring the causes and consequences of last year's disaster.

24 March 2005Research

Charcoal revealed true age of new man

CAPTION: Professor Michael Bird with a cast of the oldest (40,000 years) Homo sapiens skull known from southeast Asia.

1 November 2004Research

Scientists discover new human species

CAPTION: The skull of the new human species Homo floresiensis, revealed to the World today. CREDIT: Peter Brown, University of New England, Australia.

27 October 2004Public interest stories