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Animal cognition expert honoured by the British Psychological Society

Lifetime Achievement Award for Professor Richard Byrne

24 July 2017Research

Monkey puzzle

Simple task suggests primate understanding of objects, say scientists

29 October 2014Research

Wild monkeys learn by watching TV

Scientists have found that wild monkeys have the ability to learn new tricks – after watching videos of other monkeys in action.

5 September 2014Research

Keeping it in the family

How young monkeys learn from their mums

26 February 2014Research

Monkey business – it’s not what you know, but who you know

Social networks shape monkey “culture”

27 June 2013Research

Culture vultures

Monkeys found to conform to social norms.

25 April 2013Research

Monkey see, monkey do

Humans are not the only creatures who learn through imitation, new research has found.

11 October 2012University news

The secret of our success

Humans succeed best through helping each other, say researchers.

1 March 2012Research

Tiny primate ‘punk’ in danger of extinction

Charismatic Colombian primate population suffers significant drop.

29 June 2010Research

Monkey see, monkey do

Social conformity is not a uniquely human character trait.

4 December 2009Research