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MRSA emerged years before methicillin was even discovered

University of St Andrews and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute Genome Biology study

20 July 2017Research

University of St Andrews experts help to improve hospital safety

£4.2 million to tackle hospital infections

24 March 2015Research

St Andrews professor honoured for outstanding contribution to medical science

Professor Naismith joins UK’s ‘wealth of talent’ in biomedicine.

9 May 2012University news

Laying the foundations for biomedical discovery

Education Secretary lays one of the first bricks for new Biomedical Sciences Research Complex.

5 October 2010Government

‘Wellcome’ funding for superbug research

St Andrews leads the way thanks to £5m funding package.

16 October 2008University news

Breakthrough in fight against superbugs

Scottish research could help combat infectious diseases.

29 August 2008Research

Superbugs cured by bullfrogs?

University of St Andrews researchers identify potential cure for MRSA.

29 April 2007Research

Superbugs cured by bullfrogs?

Scientists have found a possible cure for MRSA from an unlikely source - American bullfrogs.

29 April 2007Research

‘Superbugs’ centre opened by Jim Wallace

CAPTION: Professor James Naismith (right) explains the facility's equipment to the Deputy First Minister. CREDIT: Peter Adamson.

8 December 2004University news

Combating superbugs

MRSA, one of the 'superbugs' under study at St Andrews.

17 June 2004Research