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Seeing is believing at Science Week

University students and staff will welcome visitors to an interactive festival from 8th-15th March.

4 March 2008University news

From mousetraps to fighting robots!

The recent lunar eclipse was captured at the University Observatory by Nick Dunstone, Thomas Robitaille and Katherine Johnston.

6 March 2007University news

National Science Week goes with a bang!

From pickled gherkins to the Teletubbies to the creation of the universe, National Science Week went with a 'big bang' at the University of St Andrews.

28 March 2006Local community

Sparks fly in National Science Week

Where do you inherit your hair colour from? What's inside your mobile phone? How does memory work? What would you look like if you had been born in the opposite sex? And, most bizarre of all, do chickens prefer beautiful humans?

28 February 2006University news

Unravelling Tolkien’s map

How were the dramatic landscapes in the Lord of the Rings trilogy formed?

11 March 2005Research

Fighting talk

Scientists have discovered that chimpanzees have developed different ways of screaming during fighting. The findings, led by psychologists at the University of St Andrews, suggest that the subtle differences in vocalisations may have been developed to provide important clues for nearby allies.

11 March 2005Research

An evening with Professor Richard Dawkins

World-renowned science broadcaster and author Professor Richard Dawkins will give a public lecture at the University of St Andrews this week (Thursday 10 March 2005).

7 March 2005University news

From Tolkien’s map to sea monsters

Want to hear how the dramatic landscapes in the Lord of the Rings trilogy were formed, or learn about the science of golf and sea monsters?

2 March 2005Public interest stories

Science fun for St Andrews

Budding scientists, active researchers and local community groups are invited to attend a brainstorming meeting aimed at communicating science to the general public.

15 September 2004Local community

The psychology of life

Psychologists at the University of St Andrews will open their doors this weekend (13th March 2004) as part of National Science Week.

11 March 2004University news