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Honorary degrees 27 June 2008

Major General George Cowan, George Monbiot, Sir Kenneth Murray and Professor Rene Girard honoured by the University.

The credit crunch… in the 16th Century

A major new parliamentary record to be launched this week tells how Scottish politicians faced issues such as fuel shortages and binge drinking hundreds of years ago.

One giant waste of time?

Research into the darker side of space exploration, which views the 1969 moon landing as '$35 billion ego trip', has been published by a historian at the University of St Andrews.

Cardinal O’Brien on Sudan

Cardinal Keith O'Brien will deliver a public lecture on the crisis in Sudan at the University of St Andrews today (Wednesday 10th May 2006). The lecture is this year's Religion and Politics lecture for the University's Centre for the Study of Religion and Politics (CSRP).

MP job-shadows scientist

* Pic caption - left-to-right - Dr Jeffrey Walton, Dr Nick Westwood and John MacDougall MP. Credit - Tim Fitzpatrick *