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Esther Inglis Manuscript

Rare manuscript unveiled

A never-before seen 17th century manuscript by Scottish-based artisan Esther Inglis was unveiled at the University.

A wild New Caledonian crow (Corvus moneduloides) uses a stick tool to dislodge detritus as it searches for invertebrate prey

The code breakers

Cutting-edge machine-learning tools could provide transformative insights into the hidden lives of animals.

Dolphin senses

St Andrews researchers have found that dolphins have a unique sense of taste that allows them to identify family and friends.


Scientists make quantum leap

New quantum theory research, led by the School of Physics, could transform the way scientists predict how quantum particles behave.

Dr Demsar in front of St Andrews castle

Leverhulme funding

Top research grants have been awarded to academics at the University by a major national funding body.

£2.8m to tackle superbugs

St Andrews researchers have been awarded a £2.8m Global Consortia grant by the MRC to investigate antibacterial resistance.