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St Andrews Botanic Garden hosts opera study day

Speakers unite environmental themes with Handel's Xerxes.

9 May 2018Local community

Archaeology on steroids

Stonehenge Hidden Landscapes Project unearths ‘super-henge’ near little brother

8 September 2015Research

Geoscientists work to bring hidden underwater world back to life

St Andrews scientists help revolutionise archaeology 

1 September 2015Research

‘Super Henge’ Unveiled

Why Stonehenge will never be the same again

9 September 2014Research

World’s oldest calendar found in a Scottish field

Researchers believe monument could pre-date previous time-measuring devices.

16 July 2013Public interest stories

Ice scientists study the birth of an iceberg

Findings to be featured on BBC Two series Operation Iceberg airing this week.

29 October 2012Research

Discovering drowned Doggerland

Scientists rebuild image of lost land under the sea.

2 July 2012Research

Ethiopian drought may have caused the end of the Egyptian Old Kingdom

New research has found scientific evidence of a prolonged dry period 4,000 years ago.

1 August 2011Research

Scientists discover ‘record melt’

St Andrews' researcher records major ice cap melt.

12 August 2010Research

Setting sail with Greenpeace

Combating climate change in the Arctic circle.

7 September 2009University news