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Discovering Doggerland

A hidden underwater world with a dramatic past will be revealed by University scientists this week (3 to 8 July 2012) at a major public science festival.

All aboard!

St Andrews launches innovative Earth science outreach project for young scientists.

How did the earth move?

CAPTION: "Rocks forming the Scottish mainland may have moved hundreds of km towards the ancient crust of the Outer Hebrides to create a huge range of Caledonian Mountains 420 million years ago"

Scotland rocks!

A group of geoscientists may be one step closer to knowing where Scotland originally came from after a conference at the University of St Andrews this weekend.

Where did Scotland come from?

Scottish geologists studying one of the major fractures in the Earth's crust may be able to prove once and for all the origins of the pieces of the Earth's crust which make up Scotland.