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Are US businesses under Trump’s Twitter thumb?

President of the United States Donald Trump’s tweets about companies can have a negative impact on their market value.

7 April 2020Research

Yorkshire female entrepreneurs take centre stage in Summer Showcase

Research from St Andrews will shine a light on the impact of Yorkshire women as part of the British Academy annual Summer Showcase 2019.

16 April 2019Research

Can corporate culture affect risk-taking in banks?

New study finds dangerous links between risk taking, profit and culture in bank.

6 March 2018Research

“Studentification” and HMO policy in St Andrews: a case of bad public policy?

First independent assessment of the local impact of growth in HMOs

5 December 2017Community

Street names indicate how “Scottish” you feel

Study of British streets reveals identity

15 November 2017Research

Can a CEO’s cultural heritage affect corporate performance?

New study finds cultural heritage can influence corporate profitability and success

23 October 2017Business

Tattoos can be a ‘positive’ addition to the workforce

Study finds candidates with tattoos more likely to win ‘edgier’ jobs

7 September 2016Research

Commercialisation by Scottish universities is ‘Mission Impossible’

New study suggests that academics make poor entrepreneurs.

28 March 2016Business

What failed drug busts are teaching world leaders about decision making

New insights into drug crime and policing revealed through Dr Cinla Akinci’s research into gut feeling decision making.

21 January 2016Government

Academics warn policy-makers must learn from their mistakes

Research concludes that Intermediate Technology Institutes were a failure.

19 January 2015Government