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How Scotland did its duty

Three generations directly descended from a Scots Trafalgar hero will visit an exhibition today (Friday 28th October 2005) dedicated to the Scottish contribution to the Battle of Trafalgar and the Napoleonic Wars.

Rob Roy book prize

A University of St Andrews historian has been awarded a major book prize for his research into Rob Roy.

Mary Queen of Scots – in St Andrews

An expert on the life of Mary Queen of Scots will give a lecture on 'the unluckiest ruler in British history' in St Andrews today - concentrating solely on her time spent in the Fife town.

The union of the crowns (1603-2003)

The University of St Andrews' School of English will hold a special event this week (Friday 26th September, 2003) to mark the quatercentenary of the Union of the Crowns.

Funding to protect Scots landmarks

Scots historians have been awarded £100,000 to help local communities prevent Scotland's most prized historical landmarks from crumbling into the sea.

The state of Scottish history

A leading Scottish historian has warned that future generations will be oblivious to the life and times of their ancestors unless schools inject more excitement into the subject.

Scotland’s powerful parliament

Researchers exploring the history of the Scottish Parliament believe that the Parliament of the Middle Ages and beyond was one of the most argumentative and powerful parliaments in the world.